Language Access Complaint Process Using 311

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例)1月2日 午後2時頃、311でオバマケアーに加入するため情報を得よう試みたが、分かりにくく、日本語のサポートをお願いしたが満足な情報が無かった。

NY総領事館 医務官 関久美子
(BJAFA 理事)


Subject: Language Access Complaint Process Using 311

I am writing to advise you that as of tomorrow, April 1, 2015, Limited English Proficient (LEP) New Yorkers are able to call 311 to file a language access complaint if they experience shortcomings in receiving services from any New York City government agencies or mayoral office.  All city agencies and offices should be able to assist customers who do not speak English or who are more comfortable speaking another language.
As you know, 311 calls are answered in over 170 languages.

Callers are not required to leave their name if they want to remain anonymous. But if they do leave their name and address, city agencies will send them a letter explaining what they have done to respond to the complaint.
Please note that our ability to address language access complaints will be much greater if clients are able to provide the following information when they call 311:

  • the date and time of the incident;
  • the name of the agency;
  • the address of the office they visited or the phone number they called;
  • the name of the agency employee or employees they spoke to; and
  • the language they were trying to receive services in.

It may be difficult for some clients to provide this level of detail, but it will help get individual complaints addressed and improve agency practice.
Agencies will have 14 days to investigate, resolve the issue, and respond to the complaint just as they would with any other customer service complaint received by 311.
Thank you in advance.

Nisha Agarwal | Commissioner
NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs
p: (212) 788-7654   |

For scheduling requests, please cc Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe: